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About Me

       Improving Operations and Financial Management for Competitive Advantage

As a finance transformation and digital professional, I help finance leaders in the public and private sectors design and implement changes in their finance operations, processes, and systems to accelerate their business.

I focus on adding value by providing strategic and analytical skills, data-driven insights, and the required change-related business process to achieve results. I’m accustomed to the challenges involved in working in demanding atmospheres. I bring value, flexibility, accountability, and commitment.

How I Can Add Value to Your Organization:

I understand the challenges that companies are facing with their finance functions, and as your consultant, I can help:

  • Provide ongoing support in expense monitoring, month-end closing, variance analysis, forecasting, and budget planning
  • Analyze business performance using financial and statistical techniques to monitor business trends and the effectiveness of strategic initiatives.
  • Build and enhance financial models to forecast and report revenues, expenses, and financial performance.
  • Communicate financial report findings and provide quantitative, data-driven insight to company leaders to drive intelligent decision-making and improve business results.
  • Define business requirements and conduct current state/future state analysis.
  • Standardize and automate routine procedures where possible to increase efficiency, reduce potential errors, and improve quality.
  • Leverage the power of business intelligence reporting tools for corporate decisions.

Functional Capabilities:

The following list is a sampling of functions indicating my roles throughout my consulting career.

  • Assisted a software company with implementing Sarbanes-Oxley section 404 audit compliance and revenue recognition for software licenses
  • Helped an international consulting company with auditing misstatement of revenue recognition and sub-contractor reviews to ensure compliance with SEC regulations
  • Developed and implemented effective strategic business solutions through research and analysis of data and business processes for a Government-sponsored enterprise
  • Worked with a team of consultants on a multibillion-dollar financial restatement project in assessing whether impairment indicators existed on financial instruments
  • Consulted at a global private investment bank in performing a system audit on the INVESTRAN Accounting System to ensure data integrity  
  • Developed financial models and tools, including cost-benefit analysis, resource utilization models, and performance reports for a large financial firm
  • Hired by a large international real estate company in identifying and documenting business processes re-engineering opportunities, including current and future-state process flows of the Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) system

Personal and Interpersonal Skills:

  • Communicating – Provides the information people need to know to do their jobs
  • Problem-solving – Use rigorous logic and methods to solve complex problems with effective solutions; is resourceful and self-reliant in finding solutions and can work independently with limited supervision
  • Process management – good at figuring out the process necessary to get things done and how to separate and combine tasks into an efficient workflow
  • Organizing – can orchestrate multiple activities simultaneously to accomplish a goal; uses resources effectively and efficiently.
  • Written communication- can write clearly and convey messages to have the desired effect.

In today's business world, flexibility is critical, so I can be called to augment the skills of a firm's existing staff or provide the skills and experience needed to help your company stabilize and optimize business operations.

Sampling of Past Engagement Clients

I was hired as a Business Analyst/Change Management Consultant to develop strategies to fully leverage the company's MRI software and identify solutions to meet the company's growing needs.

Key accomplishments included:

  • Pre-implementation of Corporate Real Estate module (UAT on 180 Corporate Leases)
  • Helped the company successfully achieve $280 Million in investments
  • Reviewed current & future business process needs related to future system setup decisions.
  • Developed checklist tools, procedures, and training for the accounting department.
  • Conducted an assessment of the current processes within leasing and accounting/finance
  • Replaced customized reports and Excel spreadsheets with MRI's standard reports, streamlining processes and saving time.
  • Implemented checklist tools, procedures, and training for the AR department, which reduced past-due receivables by over 50% within six months.

As a Management Consultant, I was hired to implement Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) 404 audit procedures and performed revenue recognition for a large software company.  Key accomplishments included:

  • Developing an internal filling process system to track contracts and issues, which helped standardize the approval process and reduced cycle time from one week to two days
  • Analyzing multi-million dollar software licenses for recognition and compliance by applying revenue recognition guidance provided by the US. GAAP
  • Meeting with subject matter experts to document process flows and controls.
  • Executing, documenting and testing of key SOX 404 controls

As a Management Consultant at a Government-sponsored enterprise, I was hired to manage project work and staffing plans for the Making Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). Key accomplishments included:

  • Collaborating with various business units to perform a cost-benefit analysis
  • Developing a project tracking system to improve the efficiency of managing multiple product development projects
  • Contributing to defining performance metrics to support all staffing and product initiatives
  • Recommending action plans to address any deficiencies that enabled managers to improve their staffing plan and performance trending effectively

As a Business Analyst Consultant for a large hospitality real estate company, I was hired to develop and recommend draft templates and workflow processes to demonstrate the current constraints of the Capital Expenditure (CAPX) reporting process by showcasing various benefits of integrating a web-based requisition and workflow tracking system. Key accomplishments included: 

  • Interviewing the company’s stakeholders
  • Reviewing and documenting their existing processes
  • Developing the “As Is” Situation Analysis
  • Designing and recommending draft and process flow templates

As a Business Analyst Consultant at a Government-sponsored enterprise, I was hired to manage and mitigate the risk of a complex investment portfolio of $80 billion. Key accomplishments included:

  • Mitigating operational risk by partnering closely with mortgage servicers
  • Analyzing and tracking the firm asset management process related to various debt securities
  • Performing testing documentation (i.e., process flows, requirements document & procedures)
  • Creating training information for servicers to improve debt securities reporting, resulting in a 65% decrease in portfolio risk


As part of an extensive engagement team, I was hired as a Management Consultant to audit multi-million dollar misstatements of revenue recognition and sub-contractor reviews to ensure compliance with AICPA and SEC regulations at a large consulting firm.  Key accomplishments included

  • Analyzing revenue streams and critical contracts to identify the specific revenue recognition for accounting and financial reporting
  • Applying accounting principles and Sarbanes-Oxley standards
  • Documenting testing of key controls for business processes.

Education & Training

SAP FICO Training- October 2011-December 2011


Finance & Accounting Implementation Module Training

Business Analyst- 2008


Business Analyst Training Course


Marymount University

Concentration in Finance



Related Courses: Principle of Accounting, I, II, Intermediate Accounting I, Cost Accounting

Management Consultant For Hire

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